Work to introduce capitalism in Montenegro

1998 - Vice President of the Privatization Council of the Government of Montenegro

  • “Privatization strategy in Montenegro”, base document for legal acts in Montenegro and overall privatization

  • Privatization legislation, member of various committees

  • Work on conceptual consistency of economic reforms in Montenegro

  • Presentation of economic reforms in Montenegro at international conferences and work shops

  • 1999 - “Conceptual basis of new Economic system in Montenegro” (genesis of building process of current economic systems in Montenegro)

    1999 - President of the Council for Capital Market development

  • Capital market development strategy in Montenegro (in cooperation with Robert Stone, Miroslav Ivanišević and Ljubiša Krgović)

  • Establishment of the Central Depositary Agency

  • Establishment of Securities Commission in Montenegro

  • Training programs for brokers, dealers and investment managers

  • Business environment legislation

  • - Company law
    - Insolvency Law
    - Law on participation of private companies in public services
    - Law on Central bank
    - Law on commercial banks
    - Law on Foreign Investment

    1999 - Tax reform

    1999 - Coordinator of technical assistance to Montenegro by USAID and DFID

  • Work with foreign advisors in various economic reform areas in Montenegro

  • 1999 - Coordinator of activities related to economic regulation of infrastructure (with DFID). Regulation in Telecommunication, Energy, Water supply

    2001 - Pension reform in Montenegro

    2002 - Economic Reform Agenda for Montenegro - 2002-04

    2002 - Economics Team leader in negotiations with EU on relationships between Serbia and Montenegro

    2003 - President of the Committee for Economic Freedom

    2004 - Concept of Statistical System in Montenegro (co-author of the concept, with Maja Bacovic)

    2005 - Economic Reform Agenda for Montenegro - 2002-07 - Report and Recomendations (coordinator)