International conferences
February, 2011. - MPS Asia Regional Meeting 2011, India as a Global Power: Practicing Liberal Values at Home and Abroad
Mont Pelerin Society with help of Center for Civil Society
New Delhi, Indija
May 13, 2009. - Podgorica, UDG, Free Market Road Show, Financial Crisis: State Failure - Market Failure?
Hayek Institute, Austria and UDG, Montenegro
2009 - New York, Special Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society, The End of Globalizing Capitalism?: Classic Liberal Responses to the Global Financial Crisis"
2009 - Guatemala, Association of Private Enterprise Education, 34th Annual Meeting
2008 - Atlanta, Georgia, Atlas Liberty forum
2008 - Toronto, Canada, UDG study visit in cooperation with Munk Center, University of Toronto
2008 - Tokyo, Mont Pelerin Society General Meeting 2008
2007 - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, Atlas Economic Research foundation, Atlas experience
2007 - Alba, Italy, Outlook on the market of Eastern Europe
2007 - Philadelphia, Heritage Resource Bank meeting, Heritage foundation
2007 - Philadelphia, Annual meeting of Atlas Economic Research foundation
2007 - Monaco, Crans Montana, 18th annual meeting
2007 - Becici, Montenegro, Economic Freedom at World Network, MIPA- Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency
2006 - Guatemala, Mont Pelerin Society meeting: Chalenges of liberalism in 21 century
2006 - Sveti Stefan, Crans Montana Forum, Economic Development and chances for prosperity
2005 - Mont Pelerin Society Annual Meeting, Iceland
2005 - Pristina, Economic freedom and FDI in South Eastern Europe, EU Day
2004 - Liberty Fund Colloquium, Alpbach, Austria
2004 - Mont Pelerin Society Annual Meeting, Sault Lake City, USA
2003 - Liberty Fund Colloquium, Alpbach, Austria
2003 - Mont Pelerin Society Annual Meeting, London, England
2002 - "Developing New Policies of International Support - Lessons (not) Learned in BH", Sarajevo.
2002 - International Forum “Bosnia", Round table “Economics of Rapid Development", Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2002 - International conference „Beyond Transition: Development Perspectives and Dilemmas, CASE institute, Warsaw, Poland.
2001 - Montenegro, Igalo, Montenegro International Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference, »Economic Reforms in Montenegro«
2001 - Russia, Moscow, II International Conference: Modernization of Russian Economy, Paper: Property Rights
2001 - Belgrade, IDN, Globalization and Transition
2001 - Toronto, IRMA International Conference, A government Information System for Montenegro, Paper: »A Government Information System for Montenegro«
2001 - Sarajevo, Foundation for Peace: Economics of Peace: »Free trade – base for future integration in the Balkan«
2001 - Central and Eastern Europe, Gutersloh: »Consequences of EU Enlargement«
2001 - Thessalonica, OECD Regulation of Infrastructure Activities, Paper “Regulation of Infrastructure Activities in Montenegro
2001 - Paris: Economic Reforms in Montenegro
2000 - Cato Institute, Money and Monetary Policy, conference
2000 - Mont Pelerin Society Meeting with members
2000 - Milan, Atlas Foundation, Discussion on Corruption
2000 - Vienna, Reconstruction of Balkans, Stability Pact
2000 - Washington, How to avoid III Balkans War – discussion
2000 - Tokyo, »New Political Culture at Balkans«, discussion and talks with ministries for foreign affairs of G-8
2000 - Brussels, » Double Currency System in Montenegro«
2000 - Tubingen, Germany, 2000 ISNIE annual meeting: »Institutional Economics«
2000 - Brussels, The Future of Montenegro, »Economic Situation and Economic Reforms in Montenegro«
1999 - Istanbul, »Fiscal reform and fiscal policy«, conference
1999 - Bonn, Bringing Knowledge and Policy, Global Development Network
1999 - Turin, ICER and Postgraduate Studies Entrepreneurial Economy-Podgorica, The Legacy of E.A. Von Hayek and W. Ropke, discussion
1999 - Potsdam, Mont Pelerin society, »Privatization and Changing the Way of Thinking«, discussion
1999 - Alpbach, »Montenegro and Stability Pact«
1999 - Sofia, Stability Pact, Presentation of Investment Programs in Montenegro
1999 - Sofia, Stability Pact, Presentation of Investment Programs in Montenegro
1998 - Bucharest, The Role of Cooperation in Today’s Society (CIPE)
1998 - Budapest, The Global Perspective on Private Pension Regulation
1998 - Beograd: Program of Economic Reforms – G 17 (International conference)
1997 - Tel Aviv, Development of Entrepreneurship in Israel
1996 - Beograd: Program of Economic Reforms – Economic Institute and Open Society
1995 - »Peace and Crisis: Management Foundation, The Balkans and South Eastern Europe, Paris
1995 - Paris, Economic Price of War, Foundation for Peace
1994 - Beograd, European Center for Peace and Development: Privatization in South Eastern Europe
1994 - Cannes, Mont Pelerin Society, (Broadlay Fellow)
1992 - Seoul, South Korea: »Public and Private sector«, World bank
1990 - Zagreb: Meeting with entrepreneurs of SFRY, Lecture on privatization
1990 - Bled: »Slovenian Economic Policy for Year 1991«, discussion
1990 - Portoroz: «Entrepreneurship Development«, lecture
1990 - Opatija: Program of Economic Reforms (Program of Ante Markovic)
1986 - Vilnius: »Reproductive Behavior of Population«, international conference
1985 - »Population and Economic Development«, MGU, Moscow, international conference