Montenegrin economic school
Work at the creation of new experts and improvement of human capital in Montenegro and creation of Montenegrin Economic School

» As a Dean of Postgraduate studies “Entrepreneurial economy” which have mentor character- 220 students

» As a Dean of the Department “Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial finances” at the Faculty of Economics and mentor- 10 generations- around 300 students

» Organizer of the seminar for brokers- 55 brokers

» Organizer of the seminar for investment managers- 70 managers

» Organizer of the seminar for economic regulation- 45 antedates

» Employed in the Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses and Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development - 19 young people

» Mentor of 25 master thesis

» Mentor of 15 PhD thesis

» Three assistants got PhD and became docents, that is associate professors

» As a manager of Cathedra for Mathematic and Statistics at the Faculty of Economics: started with 5 members, now it has 19 members

» Invested work in this area resulted with the network of a huge number of young people with liberal and market orientation. That group of people is now recognized as a holder of new economic ideas in Montenegro

» Annual science conference of Postgraduate studies “Entrepreneurial Economy” (December 2002, 2003, 2004)

» Editor of the journal “Entrepreneurial Economy”