Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses

First independent economic institute in Montenegro.

» Working on projects which have authors character;
» Founder and President of ISSP;
» Receiving grants from USAID.

ISSP worked on projects:
» Economic reform in Montenegro
» Privatization in Montenegro
» Monetary reform in Montenegro and introducing of DM
» Tax system in Montenegro
» Reform of statistical system in Montenegro
» MVP in Montenegro
» Montenegro as microstate
» Human Development in Montenegro 2004
» Transition report for Montenegro
» MONET, international economic journal

Institute for Social Science, IDN

Since 1992 in third part with IDN.
- Science councilor and the member of Science council of Institute
- Science prsident of traditional science meeting at the Institute of social science
- Center for economic research in Belgrade since 1994 which is organized every year with the topic transition.

Science manager of the following meetings:
· 1994: Investments of banks and protection of bank capital in the condition of hyperinflation
· 1995: Slowdown in Yugoslavian transition
· 1996: Property and freedom
· 1997: Economy and democracy
· 1998: Economy and law
· 2000: System and corruption
· 2001: Globalization and transition
· 2002: Transition and institutions
· 2003: Politic and freedom
· 2004: Culture and development
· 2005: Individual and state


  • Together with Mladjan Dinkic and Ljubomir Madzar founder of G-17

  • Coordinator of G17 (second coordinator Mladjan Dinkic)

  • Participant in preparation and redaction of the Program of radical economic reform

  • Work on the project of G-17: Monetary reform in Montenegro- introducing DM

  • Participant at the international conference about the Program of radical economic reform G-17

  • Lecturer at the summer school G-17

  • Participant at the number of platforms organized by G-17

  • Cooperation with the G-17 Institute

  • »